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“Two Acres of Land ”  by Elizabeth King


ISBN 978-0-9834869-6-1


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In the modern world of rapid and constant changes with technological innovations, preserving one's history is as vital as the air we breathe. While the advancement and use of technology is important to improve the preservation of church history, utilizing the necessary tools, techniques and crafts to enhance communities, a precious few memories of the church’s founding fathers and mothers somehow have been marginalized over the years and thus our history has and continues to be obliterated into dirt and ashes. For this reason, it is important for us to reclaim and document Antioch's history for posterity because it has been the cornerstone, in many ways, for liberating our people. Four church Deacons understood this and had the vision and guts in 1897 to put their minds together and create a place of worship for West Antioch. Persistent in their quest, they sought assistance from white donors. In their search, a white family gave the church 'two acres of land' to erect its first building. Like many African American churches in the segregated south at the time, Antioch became the centerpiece to unite families and communities on every front.

It is our hope that this book will inspire and encourage Christian believers who pass through Antioch’s doors to never forget their past and always remember the 'two acres of land' from which Antioch's foundation was built. This book is a testament and testimony which represents the longevity and legacy of the illustrious generations and families who share in the spiritual benefit from the “Two Acres of Land” now called West Antioch #1 Baptist Church. 

Elizabeth McGhee King is a retired educator of the Senatobia (Mississippi) High School. As a child, she attended Antioch Church School and later moved to Memphis, Tennessee to attend Geter High School. Upon graduation from Geter, King enrolled in Mississippi Industrial College (MI) where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary education. Later in her teaching career, she enrolled in the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) graduate program and received her Master of Education in Reading.  For 41 years, she taught elementary education in several Mississippi public schools before retiring in the mid-90’s. King holds and has held numerous positions with educational and religious organizations in Mississippi and nationally. She has been bestowed innumerable Mississippi and national awards and commendations for her many involvements in education and religious and community ventures and activities. Her retirement motto was, "I'm not retiring from teaching, I'm retiring to teach."  She's still teaching, and that's why she chose to do this project.

King is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.,
Phi Beta Zeta Chapter, Southaven, MS. She has
been a member of Antioch her entire lifei

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