Publishing Services

Get your book published today! It’s easier than you think!

With Latte Media Group you can make your publishing dream a reality. Just order up a “Latte Expresso,” and with your completed manuscript we will;

•Custom design your book cover
•Obtain your ISBN number
•Publish your book
•List your book with Print on Demand Services
•Make your book available to order from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and many other fine booksellers.

Best of all, your new book will be available to order in quantities as small as one, or as large as needed. There are no advanced copies to buy, and new books are shipped within a few days of being ordered.

Royalties – It’s your book, you make the money. When books are sold, you get a check for the distribution price of the book, minus printing and processing costs.

Contact Latte Brothers today to start making your publishing dream a reality!

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